Top freelancing jobs pay a lot higher than you might think

Many times when people think of freelancing jobs they think of the gig economy. They may think of sites like and people doing one-off jobs for $5 a pop.

It may seem impossible to actually make a living this way considering the cost of living in countries like the United States, compared to many other countries around the world where $5 an hour is a livable wage. You may have even found yourself getting discouraged on other freelancing sites, noticing that a lot of the jobs have a budget of $ when you’re really interested in making $$$$$!

Well, I’m here to tell you that making amazing money freelancing is not only possible, but it’s also quite simple. There are numerous skills that are in demand and the need for them will only continue to grow as we expand as a global economy.

All it requires is a transition from thinking about freelancing as something that is only for low paying one-off jobs to instead realizing that you can take almost any skill online and make a great living from it.

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A great way to do this is to provide ongoing services for clients. Many businesses may not need a full-time social media manager. But if they need you for about 10 hours a week and you get 4 of those types of clients, then you’ve got yourself a full-time job.

And if you’re not quite sure what skill to get into as a freelancer, remember that you’ll make more money in direct proportion to the value you can bring to your client.

Think about it this way. Usually, as the client, I want to make more money. No matter my business, no matter what products or services I’m selling, no matter what industry I’m in, typically the goal is to sell more so I can make more. I may have other goals like expanding my team, reaching more people, even setting up a charitable foundation but that all depends on me making more money.

Therefore, I’m willing to pay a freelancer more for a skill that will help me make more sales e.g. money.

Let’s say I need three things: a new banner designed for my company’s Facebook cover page, a strategy created for a new Instagram page, and someone to set up and run my email marketing campaigns.

I’ll pay different amounts for each of those things because they each provide a different amount of value to me. Of those, one has the highest impact on sales, email marketing. This will directly impact my ability to reach my customers and encourage them to buy, so that freelancer’s skills are more important to my bottom line.

If you’ve already got a skill you’re good at, you’re going to want to think about how you can position it so that you can show the client how it helps them make more money.

If you’re still in the stage where you’re just thinking about getting started freelancing, you’ll want to carefully choose a skill that helps the client make more money. The more you can show them you can help them earn, the more they are willing to pay you! To get your ideas flowing, I’ve created a quick guide to some high paying freelance jobs. Just enter your email below and get the free guide … 👇👇

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