Hey there, I’m Mashon, your guide to all things freelance!

I’m Mashon, a freelance consultant living abroad. Five years ago I was a middle school teacher — every summer free to travel, but too broke to go anywhere — stuck at home dreaming of a remote life that would allow me to live wherever I wanted. 

Fast forward to now and I’m living the location independent lifestyle I always dreamed of. It took me a while to make the jump, but over time I figured out how to get incredible clients whenever I need, work whatever hours I want to, and travel the world indefinitely! (The good news is, it doesn’t have to take 5 years!) 

There are lots of travel “influencers” out there… I’ve seen it all. When I was trying to transition into working remotely and living abroad, I researched everything I could find on the subject. Hours, days, weeks, months, were spent reading, tossing around ideas, weighing the odds on various options. I followed all the Instagrammers living this “magical life” and tried to figure out how they did it…

So since so many others are already talking about this, why would I bother to make yet another site? The reality is that very few travel sites talk about how to actually achieve the travel lifestyle (read make money) in a real and sustainable way. And many of those that do focus on lame shit like trading your skills for room and board, waking up at 3 a.m. to teach English online, or god forbid, starting yet another travel blog — even if you hate writing!

I want to show you a different way. I want you to understand that the location independent lifestyle is more achievable than you think and that there are an abundance of ways to make a living online from anywhere. And I’m not talking about a “just scraping by living” but a stable, even surplus, income. Since I started freelancing, I’ve more than tripled what I was making as a teacher — while working less, doing what I love, and working with clients I respect and look up to. 

This is why I created this site. I think that YOU should have the opportunity to do the same, and I want to show you how. Not general, fluffy tips, but real, actionable steps you can take to get you to the lifestyle you want.

Weekend away in a 5-star hotel in Cartagena.

If you only take one thing away from my site, it should be that travel is WITHIN YOUR REACH. And I’m not just talking about showing you how to take a great one week-long trip per year with your limited vacation days. (A few touristy selfies and it’s back to the office … )

I’m talking about the kind of travel where you’re not tethered to an office, you can set your own hours, and the trip never ends if you don’t want it to. I started my adventure with 5 months in Medellín Colombia … working from my gorgeous apartment or trendy cafes, volunteering high in the hills, making incredible local friends and tackling my goal of learning Spanish. Where will you start?