How to find freelance work

After the questions “What is freelancing?” and “How do I start freelancing?” the next logical question I get from readers is: “How can I find freelance work?” Some may have landed one client but are unsure how to get the next. Some may have never landed any freelance work but they’re considering jumping in and […]

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Freelancing: The best online business to start today

From Indiana to Iceland, Austin to Austria, Miami to Medellín, it’s the same everywhere. Once people find out that I have no fixed home and travel at will, all while earning great money they say: “OK, wow, I want that lifestyle too, so what’s the best online business to start so I can do the […]

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What is freelancing?

According to the dictionary definition of freelancing, a freelancer is someone who sells their work or services by the hour, day, or job, rather than working on a salaried basis for one employer. While there are many variations in how freelancers get paid, the clients they work for, and the projects they take on, that’s […]

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